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Powered by Google's Deep Learning NLU, FIO Bot ensures that your business is available to your customers anytime, anywhere. Free Live Demo

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FIO Bot is a fluid technology that integrates into your business with minimal intervention

We integrate with multiple devices

With FIO Bot, always be present for your customers wherever they may be

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  • Multi-Channel Bot
  • Secure & Compliant
  • Web + Mobile + Phone
  • Auto FAQ Generation


4 weeks to customize and deploy


  • Adaptive Responses
  • Smart Device Integration
  • 15+ Language Capability
  • Bot Personality Changes


6 weeks to customize and deploy


  • Order Management
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Smart Market Sensing
  • Dedicated Support

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How businesses, large and small, are taking the leap


Train the bot for your organization's internal purposes like recruiting, policy, meeting scheduling, conference room booking, accessing meeting notes and recordings. For instance, the bot can fetch project specific knowledge and references in a matter of seconds, making project management a breeze.


Studies prove that 65% of all customer services interactions are for seeking information. This is something that FIO bot can easily handle for you, freeing up your human resources to close sales. FIO Bot can be scaled up during peak sales events to ensure your customers are never left waiting.


Restaurants are focussing more on ways to provide contactless service and delieveries. FIO bot is adept at taking orders digitally over the customer's devices, whether they are at the restaurant, in their homes or offices, or even in their cars.


Appointment booking is a core activity for clinics and hospitals. FIO bot can automate appointment booking and management for patients and doctors. It can even accomodate for changes, confirmations and is accessible across devices and even the phone line.

Banking & Finance

Financial institutions have embraced customer service automation as their first line of digital interaction. Customers are able to manage their accounts and portfolios with Bots mediating the transactions securely all the while eliminating lengthy wait times.

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