Corporate Training Services

An essential first step is to make the benefits of AI tangible to the C-suite. That means understanding the science and spending time with Data scientists and business liaisons and interacting with them, questioning and challenging them. This will ensure a critical but effective AI Roadmap. And this is why we strongly insist on training/providing a deep overview on the AI capabilities to the key stakeholders as a precursor to our engagement or for that matter any AI engagement!

Industries served

Exemplified by the flurry of new entrants and explosion of data which, combined with analytics is leading to smarter & consolidated systems, the case for AI adoption is stronger than ever. We present AI opportunities across a diverse set of areas, few of which are shown below.

laptop screen with graph
  • Visual quality control
  • Predictive Maintainence
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Early-warning systems
  • Collaborative Robotics & IOT
  • Operational Risk Analytics
  • Route Planning & Optimization
  • Price Comparison & Recommendation
  • Enterprise Threat Immune Systems
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Systems

Our Approach

Machines are good at structured data while humans love unstructured data. Basing this fact, along with adaptations of Feynman’s learning techniques makes our trainings entertaining, engaging & exceptionally productive.


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