Feynman’s technique rediscovers the joy of learning

Feynman technique: Rediscover the joy of learning LEARNING IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL TEACHERS Confused or intimidated at the prospect of learning Data Science or for that matter anything? Here is our attempt to give a direction using Feynman Technique in the age where there is a plethora of knowledge sources, some even contradicting each […]

Considering a career in data science? It’s not too late!

Considering a career in data science? It’s not too late! The field of data science celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017. It was first recognized by the name “data analytics” in its pioneering research paper ‘The Future of Data Analysis’ in 1970 and ever since the importance of data science has been increasing exponentially. From […]

AI Roadmap for the Pharma Sector

AI Adoption Roadmap to Pharma Companies EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Unlike rolling out Systems of Information/Thinking (SoT) (Traditional software applications, ERP systems, etc.), adopting a System of Intelligence (SoI) (Artificial Intelligence & related technologies) to your organization needs a whole new perspective. The following narrative talks about the perspective understanding required by the decision-makers and highlights a […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Workplaces

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Workplaces Artificial intelligence (AI), data science, robotics, machine learning, and automation are revolutionizing businesses and the way we work. Advanced technologies have continuously impacted organizations, yet the impact, along with the rapid adoption of AI on organizations, is expected to transform and revolutionize the workplaces. According to McKinsey, the 2018 […]

Skill your organization with AI

Skill your organization with AI Data science represents a paradigm shift in how people live their lives and how they do business. Data is everywhere and data science is trickling down into every aspect of business and life. Industries need to and are gearing up for disruption, some faster than the others as the AI […]

How can Artificial Intelligence help improve the Manufacturing Industry?

How can Artificial Intelligence help improve the Manufacturing Industry? In the past few years, AI has played a crucial role in the Manufacturing industry. It improved the efficiency of the manufacturing process, Maintenance of the product quality, as well as the safety of employees in the work environment. Let me tell you about how we, […]

10 Compelling Reasons why you need Data Governance

10 Compelling Reasons why you need Data Governance Click here to know our Data Governance Solutions to your data problems. For the sake of clarity, let us begin by defining data governance. In simple terms, data governance is the framework responsible for overall management (consisting of storage, usage, and protection) of organizational data. In this article […]

Low and Behold! Steps WE follow to Successful Innovation

Lo and Behold! Steps WE follow to Successful Innovation Before we get into the steps between Ideation and Innovation, let us understand what innovation management is. Innovation management can consistently differ from business to business, what might work for one, may not work for another. If you Google “innovation management” this is what you’ll get – “Innovation […]

Design Thinking, one of the steps to Innovation

Design ThinkingOne of the many factors of Innovation DESIGN THINKING & INNOVATION Design Thinking, by definition, means it adopts methods and processes to solve challenges, obtaining information, evaluating knowledge, and coming up with solutions in the design and planning fields. There are 5 stages involved in this process, which were proposed by the Hasso-Plattner Institute […]

The Voice Bot Revolution

The Voice Bot Revolution An efficient way to further cut down the friction in your customer interactions -> Voice Bot! In recent times we’ve been having a more user-friendly chatbots/Virtual Assistants like Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, Google Home, Cortana from Microsoft etc. It has become increasingly seamless to communicate and get answers! AI Voice […]