Overview of FIO Bot – A Conversational HR Bot

Project FIO Bot

FIO Bot, an intelligent HR bot, is proposed to assist in smoothly onboarding the employees to the organization. It converses in many aspects:

  • HR policies, systems, and procedures
  • Employee HR specific data
  • Work environment and safety
  • On-boarding formalities

Capabilities of FIO Bot


Answers almost any question on the identified areas including but not limited to HR policies, entitlements, refineries, pipelines network, and other functions & facilities. Convenient for visually impaired as both auditory and text is enabled.



Voice-Enabled. A speech recognition package and text_to_speech library are enabled using the Flutter Framework for Mobile App.



  Text enabled – Allows input of the text through the Mobile keypad. The user can edit the words/sentences if the speech is wrongly identified.



Recognizes employees using the Facial Recognition Algorithm and greets them. This requires recognition of employee IDs and the face.



User Guide for FIO Bot Mobile App

  • Click on the FIO Bot App

You can log in to the FIO Bot mobile app in two ways:

  • Using E-Mail ID and Password


  • Using Face Recognition Technology

Login using Email and Password

Let’s first go through the steps of logging in using E-Mail ID and Password.

Step 1: Enter Email (Ex: v[email protected])

Step 2: Enter Password (Minimum password length is 8 or more characters. Case Sensitive)

Step 3: Click on LOGIN Button

Once you click on LOGIN, you will be greeted with the name stored in the database. Also, the HR Bot is now ready to answer any questions/queries you might have.

Login using Facial Recognition Technology

Step 1: Click on Open Face ID. Select ‘Camera’ to capture your image. After selecting, click a Selfie.

Step 2: Now, Click on Upload Image. This will upload your image and is sent to the FIO Bot App.

Step 3: Your face will be recognized using Facial Recognition Technology. You will then be greeted with the name we’ve stored in our database. The App is now ready to answer any questions/queries you might have.

Let’s test the app with some sample questions.

Asking questions using speech or text

You can ask the questions using Text input or Voice input. Click on the Mic icon for voice input.

Let’s try and ask a question that isn’t common or not registered in the Database.

Once you’re done asking questions, click on the Log Out button.

Model specifications

This is how you can use the FIO HR Bot for your HR Onboarding purposes and other HR-related queries. Please click here for the config documents and run books for each module.

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