Foundations in AI for Legal Department

This course offers an overview of AI’s potential within the legal department, highlighting specific AI applications that can revolutionize legal processes and improve efficiency.

Duration - 2 Hours

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescription
Introduction to AI in Legal24General introduction to AI applications in the legal sector.
AI for Documentation24Discuss how AI assists in legal document management and automation.
AI in Compliance24Explore AI's role in managing and ensuring compliance.
AI in Litigation24Overview of AI tools aiding in litigation processes.
AI for Contract Management24How AI can automate and streamline contract management.

Examples of AI Applications in the Legal Department:
1. Legal Research Tools – AI enhances search capabilities for legal precedents and relevant
case law.
2. Contract Analysis Systems – Automated analysis and flagging of critical clauses in
3. Compliance Monitoring Tools – AI-driven monitoring of regulatory and legal compliance.
4. Document Automation Software – Tools that generate legal documents based on
predefined templates.
5. E-Discovery Platforms – AI applications that manage large data sets during litigation.

Role-Based Courses:
1. Paralegal/Documentation Specialist
2. Legal Compliance Officer
3. Litigation Support Specialist
4. Legal Analyst
5. Contract Manager
Let’s start with outlining the courses for each specified role:

Role: Paralegal/Documentation Specialist

Course Name: AI Optimization for Paralegal Tasks
Learning Outcomes: Equip paralegals with AI tools to enhance research, case organization, and
documentation accuracy and efficiency.

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescriptionSome AI Tools Related to the Module
AI in Legal Research20Explore how AI can streamline case-related research, focusing on automating legal queries and providing advanced legal analytics using industry-standard tools.LexisNexis, Westlaw (Both are subscription-based)
AI for Case Organization20Utilize AI to enhance the organization of case files by learning to categorize, tag, and retrieve documents efficiently with leading AI tools.Everlaw, Logikcull (Both are subscription-based)
AI-Assisted Legal Drafting20How AI can assist in drafting legal documents by automatically generating standard contracts and legal notices, enhancing both accuracy and efficiency.Contract Express
Hands - on 60Participants will create a simple AI model to predict cash flow trends.Custom Agent Building

AI Tools:

• LexisNexis and Westlaw: These tools use advanced AI to provide comprehensive legal research, filtering through extensive databases to provide relevant case laws and statutes quickly.
• Everlaw and Logikcull: Specialize in case organization, these tools leverage AI to categorize and tag legal documents, facilitating easier retrieval and case analysis.
• Casetext and Kira Systems: Focus on document management, employing AI to assist in document review by automatically extracting and analyzing key information from legal texts.

Role: Legal Compliance Officer

Course name: AI Enhancement for Compliance Management

Learning Outcomes: This course aims to equip Legal Compliance Officers with AI tools that streamline compliance monitoring and ensure adherence to statutory laws and regulations.

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescriptionSome AI Tools Related to the Module
AI in Regulatory Compliance20How AI can assist in tracking and adhering to (Subscription- based)
AI for Statutory Law Compliance20Utilizing AI to ensure all operations meet statutory requirements.Thomson Reuters CLEAR (Subscription-based)
AI for Risk Assessment20AI tools that help predict and mitigate compliance risks.IBM OpenPages with Watson (Subscription- based)
Hands - on 60Practical session using an AI tool for compliance monitoring.Custom Agent Building

AI Tools:

• Provides a dynamic platform for monitoring changes in regulations, using AI to automatically update compliance requirements and alert officers.
• Thomson Reuters CLEAR: Utilizes AI to streamline compliance checks, offering comprehensive data analysis for statutory compliance.
• IBM OpenPages with Watson: Applies AI for risk management, offering predictive insights and risk assessment capabilities to compliance officers.

Litigation Support Specialist

Course name: AI in Litigation Support

Learning Outcomes: Train Litigation Support Specialists to leverage AI for enhancing the litigation process, from data management to predictive analytics.

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescriptionSome AI Tools Related to the Module
AI for E- Discovery20Exploring AI tools that automate the e-discovery process.Relativity, Logikcull (Both are subscription-based)
AI in Legal Analytics20How AI aids in analyzing legal data for litigation insights.Lex Machina (Subscription- based)
AI for Case Prediction20Using AI to predict outcomes and prepare accordingly.Gavelytics (Subscription-based)
Hands-on60Practical use of an AI e-discovery tool.Custom Agent Building

Brief explanation for all the specific AI tools mentioned above:

FICO Falcon: A leading AI tool in credit risk management, helping financial institutions predict and manage credit risk through sophisticated algorithms.
Riskified: An AI-based platform that assists in market risk analysis by evaluating transaction data to prevent fraud.
Palantir Foundry: A platform that integrates various data sources to manage operational risks using AI-driven insights.

Role: Legal Analyst

Course Name: AI for Advanced Legal Analysis
Learning Outcomes: This course trains Legal Analysts in using AI to conduct deep legal research, analysis, and forecast legal trends.

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescriptionSome AI Tools Related to the Module
AI in Legal Research20Enhancing legal research capabilities with AI.ROSS Intelligence, Casetext (Both are subscription-based)
AI for Legal Prediction20How AI can predict legal outcomes and trends.Premonition (Subscription-based)
AI for Data Analysis20Utilizing AI to analyze vast amounts of legal data efficiently.IBM Watson Discovery (Subscription-based)
Hands-on 60Practical session using an AI tool for legal analysis.Custom Agent Building

Brief explanation for all the specific AI tools mentioned above:

• ROSS Intelligence and Casetext: Both are AI-driven legal research tools that improve the speed and accuracy of finding relevant case law and statutes.
• Premonition: Analyzes court data to predict outcomes, helping analysts identify trends and likely results.
• IBM Watson Discovery: Applies AI for deep data analysis, extracting actionable insights from complex legal documents.

Role: Contract Manager

Course Name: AI in Contract Management
Learning Outcomes: This course focuses on training Contract Managers to use AI to streamline contract creation, monitoring, and management processes.

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescriptionSome AI Tools Related to the Module
AI for Contract Creation20Automating contract drafting with AI tools.Ironclad, Contract Express (Both are subscription-based)
AI for Contract Analytics20Using AI to analyze contracts for risk and compliance.Kira Systems, ThoughtRiver (Both are subscription-based)
AI for Contract20AI applications that monitor and manage contract obligations.Icertis, Coupa (Both are subscription-based)
Hands-on60Practical use of an AI tool for contract management.Custom Agent Building

Brief explanation for all the specific AI tools mentioned above:

• Ironclad and Contract Express: These tools automate the contract creation process, reducing manual effort and errors.
• Kira Systems and ThoughtRiver: Specialize in contract analysis, these tools apply AI to scrutinize contracts for potential risks and ensure compliance.
• Icertis and Coupa: Provide comprehensive contract management solutions, leveraging AI to monitor and enforce contract terms effectively.