Foundations in AI for Customer Support

This course offers an overview of how AI technologies can be utilized specifically within the customer support departments. It provides insights into AI’s role in enhancing customer interaction, data management, and overall service efficiency.

Duration - 2 Hours

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescription
AI for Customer Engagement24Introduction to AI tools that enhance customer engagement.
Data Analytics in Customer Support24How AI analyzes customer data to improve services.
AI in Risk Management24How AI can help in assessing and managing financial risks.
AI-driven Automation24Overview of automation technologies for customer support.
AI Chatbots24Introduction to AI chatbots and their capabilities.
AI for Customer Feedback24Utilizing AI to gather and analyze customer feedback.

At least 5 examples of AI applications in Customer Support:
1. AI Chatbots for instant customer queries handling.
2. Sentiment Analysis Tools for understanding customer emotions.
3. AI-Enhanced Ticketing Systems for efficient issue resolution.
4. Predictive Analytics for Customer Behaviors.
5. Virtual Assistants for multilingual support.

Role-Based Courses:
Roles: Chat Support Specialist, Customer Service Representative, Technical Support Specialist,
Customer Support Manager, CRM Analyst.

Chat Support Specialist (2 hours)

Course Name: Optimizing Chat Support with AI
Learning Outcomes: Learners will understand how AI can streamline chat support operations, enhance customer interactions, and reduce response times.

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescriptionSome AI Tools Related to the Module
AI-Powered Chat Interfaces20Implementing AI to automate responses and manage chats.Dialogflow (free)
Enhancing Chat Experience with AI20Using AI to personalize and enhance chat interactions.Algolia (paid)
AI-Driven Problem Resolution20Leveraging AI to categorize and prioritize customer inquiries to streamline workflows and ensure accurate routing for faster resolution.Monkey Learn (paid)
Hands - on 60Practical session to create a simple AI-driven chatbot.Custom Agent Building

AI Tools:

  • Dialogflow: provides an intuitive platform for creating conversational agents. It uses natural language processing to understand user intent and deliver appropriate responses, helping automate chat interactions.
  • Algolia: Algolia offers advanced search and personalization capabilities, enabling systems to tailor interactions based on user data, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • MonkeyLearn: MonkeyLearn is a machine learning platform that provides tools for text analysis, making it easier for businesses to automate processes and extract valuable information from textual data

Customer Service Representative (2 hours)

Course Name: AI Empowerment in Customer Service

Learning Outcomes: Participants will learn how AI tools can assist in managing customer interactions and enhancing satisfaction effectively.

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescriptionSome AI Tools Related to the Module
AI for Enhancing Customer Interactions20How AI improves communication and response times.Salesforce Einstein (paid)
Predictive Analytics in Customer Service20Utilizing AI for anticipating customer needs and issues.IBM Watson Analytics (paid)
AI-Enhanced Customer Journey Mapping20Using AI to track and analyze customer interactions across various channels, providing a holistic view of the customer journey to enable tailored support and proactive service.Zendesk Sunshine (paid)
Hands - on 60Building an AI tool to automate routine customer queries.Custom Agent Building

AI Tools:

• Salesforce Einstein: Salesforce Einstein integrates AI into the customer relationship management environment to automate responses and provide insights into customer behavior.
• IBM Watson Analytics: IBM Watson Analytics uses predictive analytics to provide insights into customer data, helping companies make informed decisions to improve service.
• Zendesk Sunshine: Zendesk Sunshine is a CRM platform built on AWS that allows businesses to create a single, unified customer profile by aggregating data from various sources. This tool leverages AI to enhance customer journey mapping by identifying patterns and trends in customer behavior across different channels, such as email, social media, and chat.

Financial Risk Analyst (Total time: 2 hours)

Course Name: Leveraging AI in Technical Support

Learning Outcomes: This course will teach how AI can be used to diagnose and resolve technical issues more efficiently.

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescriptionSome AI Tools Related to the Module
AI-Optimized Workflow Management20Utilizing AI to manage support tickets efficiently, from prioritization to escalation, ensuring a streamlined support process and quicker resolution times.ServiceNow's AI for IT Operations (paid)
Automating Issue Resolution20Implementing AI to automate the resolution of common technical issues.Zendesk Answer Bot (free)
AI-Driven Diagnostics20Using AI to quickly diagnose problems and suggest solutions.LogMeIn Rescue (paid)
Hands-on60Developing AI tools to assist in technical support.Custom Agent Building

AI Tools

• ServiceNow’s AI for IT Operations: ServiceNow’s AI for IT Operations integrates artificial intelligence into the workflow of IT support services to enhance the efficiency of ticket handling. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze incoming tickets, categorize them based on urgency and topic, and automatically route them to the appropriate team or specialist
• Zendesk Answer Bot: Zendesk Answer Bot utilizes AI to automatically respond to common technical queries, freeing up human agents for more complex issues.
• LogMeIn Rescue: LogMeIn Rescue uses AI to diagnose and suggest fixes for technical issues remotely, enhancing the efficiency of technical support teams.

Customer Support Manager (2 hours)

Course Name: AI Strategies for Customer Support Management
Learning Outcomes: This course aims to equip support managers with knowledge on implementing AI to enhance team efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescriptionSome AI Tools Related to the Module
AI in Team Management20How AI can be used to manage customer support teams more effectively.Asana (free)
AI-Driven Escalation Management20Utilizing AI to automatically identify and escalate complex customer issues to the appropriate senior staff or specialized teams, ensuring that critical problems are addressed promptly and effectively.Freshdesk (paid)
AI-Enhanced Customer Feedback Analysis20Leveraging AI to analyze and interpret customer feedback comprehensively, enabling targeted improvements and strategic decision-making.Qualtrics XM (paid)
Hands-on60Developing AI systems to enhance team management.Custom Agent Building

AI Tools

• Asana: Asana integrates AI to help managers plan, organize, and track work in one place, optimizing team workflows.
• Freshdesk: Freshdesk is a customer support software that includes advanced AI capabilities for automating ticketing and escalation processes. Its AI system, Freddy AI, uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze incoming customer
queries for complexity and urgency.
• Qualtrics XM: Qualtrics XM is an experience management platform that uses advanced AI
technologies to analyze customer feedback across various channels. It features tools like sentiment analysis, trend identification, and text analytics, which help in extracting meaningful insights from large volumes of data.

CRM Analyst (2 hours)

Course Name: AI-Driven CRM Analysis
Learning Outcomes: Students will learn how AI can be utilized to analyze customer data and drive CRM strategies.

Table for Course Outline:

Module NameDurationDescriptionSome AI Tools Related to the Module
Enhancing CRM with AI20Implementing AI to enhance data analysis and customer relationship management.HubSpot (free)
Predictive Customer20Using AI for predictive modeling in customer relationship management.SAP Analytics Cloud (paid)
AI-Powered Customer Lifecycle20Utilizing AI to oversee and optimize the customer lifecycle, enhancing strategies for customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.Adobe Experience Platform (paid)
Hands-on 60Practical application of AI in CRM analytics.Custom Agent Building

Brief explanation for all the specific AI tools mentioned above:

• CRM Enhancement Tools: HubSpot uses AI to provide advanced analytics and automation features, improving CRM efficiency and effectiveness.
• Predictive Modeling Tools: SAP Analytics Cloud applies AI for predictive modeling, helping businesses forecast customer behaviors and refine strategies.
• Salesforce Einstein: Salesforce Einstein integrates AI into the customer relationship management environment to automate responses and provide insights into customer behavior.
• Adobe Experience Platform (paid): Adobe Experience Platform is a comprehensive data management platform that leverages AI and machine learning through Adobe Sensei, its AI and machine learning framework. It provides tools to create real-time customer profiles
that update with every interaction, enabling CRM analysts to track and manage the customer journey at each lifecycle stage.