About Us

Who We Are

At FIO Labs, we are more than just a technology company

FIO Labs is a Data Science and Data Governance solutions provider specializing in open source and proprietary technologies. We help businesses understand and adapt Artificial Intelligence & Data Security technologies and help them stay aligned with their strategic objectives.

We believe in going a mile wide and a mile deep in everything we do, and with more than a decade of learning we offer these mutually complementing services

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Our Vision

Our vision is “To Re-Invent Organizations by Re-organizing their data” by leveraging the advancements in Data Science. We seek to fulfill this mission by investing quality time in ourselves to abide by our values and to understand the culture, environment & human elements via design thinking to more effectively provide top-quality services.

Our Mission

Our mission at FIO Labs is to revolutionize organizations by optimizing their data infrastructure through the latest advancements in Data Science. We are committed to investing in our team’s development and embracing our core values, while employing design thinking to deeply understand the culture, environment, and human elements of our clients.


Sunayana Pulusani

President & CEO

Sunayana Pulusani is one of our well-traveled, well read and very well-educated leader of our management team. She is an alumnus of HBX and pursuing her MA from Harvard University, Boston. She is fully committed to this role and her mantra is ‘client delight at any expense’.

Prashanth Bandi

Co-Founder & CIO

Prashanth Bandi is one of the highly regarded consultants in the IT world, he is a Technology Evangelist with 18 years of consulting experience dealing with diverse problems and delivering technology solutions to complex business challenges. His adaptive nature, perseverance and genuine passion for technology makes him the torch bearer of our company.