The Voice Bot Revolution

An efficient way to further cut down the friction in your customer interactions -> Voice Bot!

In recent times we’ve been having a more user-friendly chatbots/Virtual Assistants like Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, Google Home, Cortana from Microsoft etc. It has become increasingly seamless to communicate and get answers! AI Voice technology has evolved from a novelty, bringing smiles to those willing to play with its practically useless features, to a necessity that many cannot imagine living without it.

Research shows that implementing voice bots shows a significant increase in customer interaction and thus satisfaction. In this fast-moving world, customers don’t want to wait, and this is where AI-based chatbots play a significant role. Customer satisfaction is directly related to how efficiently the customer queries are answered; a few seconds of delay on your website can show a negative impact on your company and drive a potential customer away. With the many choices out there, customers are becoming very impatient, and they want instant replies to their questions.

AI Voice has undoubtedly made its way into our homes and our daily lives. But how about our professional lives? How will AI Voice affect the way we run our businesses? Let us understand the ways that the AI voice can revolutionize businesses.

Perks of AI Voice Bot


Using technology like NLP, voice bots can help understand user’s queries and give accurate and immediate answers without any delay right from your website or mobile app or the phone.

With recent developments of Contact Centers, we see increasing potential for AI voice technology; customers get to interact with voice bots that help in cutting costs.


Voice bots help in cutting down costs by 30% by handling greetings and queries before being routed to a human. Thus, optimizing the time spent on each ticket by the human counterpart and eliminating redundancy. Now, those are great savings for any business out there!


Unlike live agents, voice bots don’t need coffee breaks or lunch hours. They aren’t absent due to illness, holidays, or even natural disasters, which can put human lives at risk. Customers reach out for Support at their convenience, and sometimes it can be outside business hours, so having a 24*7 voice support is efficient and customer friendly.


No business owner wants unsatisfied customers; with the help of sentiment analysis voice, bots have a deeper understanding of the customer’s voice and sentiment. AI voice bots learn from experiences and will be able to give the customers’ tailor-made solutions, without the need to talk to a human. Even just one voice bot is enough to resolve the issues of several customers.


Today’s customer service must be quick and easy; customers are not looking to wait long time periods to get answers to their questions. The key issue lots of e-commerce websites face is keeping their customers engaged, We at FIO Labs have come up with a great solution to address your problem in this area, we have designed a Voice bot that can scrape information from your website and voice-enable it in a fully automatic way.

So, your customers can start conversing with your website from their laptops/mobiles/Car alexas… and our voicebots, trained by advanced algorithms, will be able to handle most of the general your business specific conversations. For anything else it will route to our representative representing your business or can be routed to your respective department contacts.

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Voice Bot Prototype
              -Sagarika Kumar

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