How can Artificial Intelligence help improve the Manufacturing Industry?

In the past few years, AI has played a crucial role in the Manufacturing industry. It improved the efficiency of the manufacturing process, Maintenance of the product quality, as well as the safety of employees in the work environment.

Let me tell you about how we, as FIO Labs, can help your company become more efficient in the manufacturing process.


Manufacturers face challenges of keeping their machinery, fleet, and other assets working efficiently, while cost-cutting. The North American manufacturing industry is expected to grow about 25% of its predictive maintenance solutions through 2022.

Our approach of Predictive Maintenace:

  • Data Acquisition and Storage
  • Transformation Data, raw data into Machine Learning models.
  • Conditioning and Monitoring of data.
  • Evaluation of the Asset, to understand if the health of the asset has already started declining,
  • Forecast, generating predictions of the failure of the asset through Machine Learning models.
  • Recommendations for best practices
  • Human Interface, making all the information and data easily accessible.

We use various Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to formulate predictions regarding asset malfunction. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning helps in reducing unplanned downtime, which in return gives you cost-cutting and efficiency.

predictive maintenance


By using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms during the production process, you can monitor the quality of the product.

  • AI Algorithms notifying Manufacturing teams.
  • Increasing Quality of the product
  • Reduction in product callbacks
  • Cost Cutting
Generative Design


This an efficient way of using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to generate multiple potential designs for a product. Generative design uses brief and various parameters like type of material, budget, limitation of time, and methods of production used, this in return gives us the best solution and design. We use machine learning to test these solutions then and get an insight into the optimum design, which can use for your manufacturing process.


We use various parameters like weather patterns, socio-economic conditions, market conditions and location to feed the Artificial Intelligence algorithms which continually optimizes the supply chain process. Also, using data to communicate with the supply chain process, to keep delays to a minimum, get real-time updates, and attend to requests instantly.

Supply Chain Optimization
post production support


One of the essential activities for any enterprise is making sure that their product is working 24/7, Artificial Intelligence is helping in optimizing this process.

Ways AI can be useful in Postproduction Support:

  • Active Customer engagement – Nowadays, the wait time on support calls takes a few minutes to answer. With the involvement of Artificial Intelligence services, we can be more efficient with customer support. AI uses the information from CRM Solutions to make information readily available for agents, which leads to approaching customers with more intelligence than ever before.
  • Email Personalization – Curating Dynamic emails is possible
  • Time spent on a website
  • Previously read content
  • Previous interactions with a website.

This knowledge helps the AI algorithm detect the relevant content and customize/ personalize emails.

  • Faster Answers – With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Live chat & unmanned voice experiences are possible, where automated machines can answer simple questions.
  • Increase in net productivity for the same time of engagement.
  • Artificial Intelligence is very reliable; it works around the clock and takes no sick days.

The manufacturing industry has quickly become a perfect fit for the application of Artificial Intelligence. Even though we are in the early stages of this revolution, we are witnessing an abundant amount of benefits. Many industries have a head-start on implementing AI because of the benefits it brings.

We are sure that the use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science will enhance the way you process materials and manufacture products forever. Reach us for a free consultation to understand its applications and potential.

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