Design Thinking
One of the many factors of Innovation


Design Thinking, by definition, means it adopts methods and processes to solve challenges, obtaining information, evaluating knowledge, and coming up with solutions in the design and planning fields.

There are 5 stages involved in this process, which were proposed by the Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. They are continually used by individuals and firms to get better at finding solutions innovatively.

Wherever you implement this process, the main goal is to generate innovations. There might be several factors involved in the development process of Design Thinking. Today, we will be discussing the two most important things that influence one’s output using the same process. They are “Ideation” and “Education”.

5 Stages of Design Thinking Process and its Non Linear nature


Our Chief Strategic Officer at FIO Labs, Sunayana Pulusani, a Harvard student pursuing her MA, says

Innovation means improvement or renewal. One might have a radical idea, and that idea could be made into an invention. But an invention doesn’t become an innovation until users accept it.

Sunayana goes on to say,

The impact of innovation in Design Thinking is not measured primarily with the content it has, but the change innovations can bring in interpersonal dynamics


You might be wondering how “education” is an integral part of this process. The term itself implies a learning process, preparing for personal growth and achievement, as well as being open and welcoming new ideas to solve problems.

Education, in it’s the best form, should open one’s mind, and the process leads us to be as creative as possible and guides us to solve our challenges.

Below is a picture of Sunaina’s daughter, a budding designer, who created her own set of illustrations of characters by observing other characters in books and TV shows. This is a perfect amalgamation of “Education” and “Innovation”.


Vidya Pottabattula

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