There has been a lot of activity among fresher’s recently, especially in the Data Science community, where they are trying to make the best out of these hard times by enrolling in courses one after the other. It shows us how much they love the profession and want to improve their skills to get better opportunities.

I hope to see this trend of learning and keeping themselves up-to-date continue after the lockdown period.

Going back to enrolling for courses, reading theory, practicing on some very well known datasets like visualizing Iris species, predicting housing prices or pneumonia infected children, etc., can be very useful, but does it make you unique? How will you stand out if you are filling the resume with the same kind of projects which everyone has already done? What can you do so that you use your skills and apply them to real-world problems? How can you contribute to the Data Science community?

In today’s post, I will be introducing you to a few Open Source projects where you can learn, contribute, and, of course, stand out from the rest! Read on to find out what they are.


GitHub’s most extensive open-source algorithm library. This is beginner-friendly, and it has the repositories not just for Python but other languages like Java, C++, C, Go, JavaScript, Scala, Swift, R, MATLAB, and many more for you to contribute!

In Python’s repository alone, there are 472 contributors and around 500 Algorithms explained with problems and solutions! There are 22,000+ forks and people are still contributing to this repository. This is one of the best places to start learning, connecting with the community, as well as contributing to the community! Please check out the links provided below to read about them and start right away!

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